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Hi I'm Maryann Kraker and welcome to Entertaining By The Bay.  My work in the fashion industry has allowed me to travel abroad frequently, gathering food memories, recipes and  the unique talent of reading menus in any language.
In 2007 I purchased By the Bay, on Long Island Sound, and stepped out of the pantry so to speak, to explore my passion with food.
During the week I continue to be a fashion warrior in Manhattan and my weekends are spent By The Bay, cooking, writing and photographing food to share with friends and family. 
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Fun and Yum!

double chocolate rice krispies cookies

meatloaf with bourbon barbecue sauce


 Julia’s crabcakes with cilantro mayonnaise 

scrambled eggs panini

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 grilled clams with spaghetti

heatwave cool down!

sweets for your sweetie!

Weekend with Chili Peppers

Snacks with Rosemary


Dill Lemon Pesto 10 ways 

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red chili mayonnaise

chili pepper and pork goulash

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