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entertaining by the bay

casual cooking and living

mediterranean grilled clams with spaghetti
spare ribs with root beer barbecue sauce
honey herb roasted turkey 
fried shrimp with homemade tartar sauce
citrus herb roasted turkey
lobster roll with tarragon
apple cider braised pan seared bratwurst- apple/ red cabbage slaw
meatloaf with bourbon barbecue sauce
summer harvest - ratatouille

easy beef brisket sausage chili

basic turkey gravy 
Grilled Spicy Shrimp with Harissa Mayonnaise 

coffee marinated skirt steak

vanilla soaked french toast mixed berry plum compote

rib eye steak with pineapple marinade
pomegranate glazed pork roast
pumpkin pancakes
Christmas cranberry glazed ham
cornmeal and sweet corn pancakes
sage biscuits 

bratwurst & horseradish cream

beef short rib braised in red wine
broccoli rabe with grilled shrimp and toast

turkey panini with

cranberry mayonnaise

pumpkin corn bisque
asian style bbq short ribs
buttermilk pancakes with strawberries and lime butter
chardonnay herb gravy
feta mint lamb burger with herb yogurt dressing

scrambled eggs panini

spicy baked chicken wings

spicy asian minced beef in lettuce cups
mushroom stroganoff
chuck wagon chili
merlot turkey gravy

apple sage roasted turkey

sweet potato breakfast slider

toasted steel cut oatmeal with maple soaked raisins
turkey hunter stew
bianco broccoli rabe pizza

apple cider maple roasted turkey

maple bacon scones

lemon poppy seed-honey butter