entertaining by the bay

casual cooking and living

grandma's cucumber salad

rosemary baked beans

carolina style mustard 

BBQ sauce

zucchini salad with toasted pine nuts with shaved asiago cheese

roasted eggplant and

tomato salad

very berry cranberry sauce

dill macaroni salad

mixed greens with apples, candied pecans & honey vinaigrette

roasted cauliflower hummus 
porcini mushroom and chestnut dressing

pomegranate & cranberry sauce

roasted potato salad with mixed herbs

green spring vegetable salad

cornbread with cranberries

chardonnay herb gravy

fresh confetti corn salad

shrimp with bloody mary cocktail sauce


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twice as naughty baked potato

minty spring pea and

ramp salad

lemon cilantro coleslaw

merlot turkey gravy 
roasted rosemary baby yukon gold potatoes 

baked old bay fries

orecchiette with fresh corn

and cream sauce

savory ketchup

homemade ​beer mustard

cranberry apple sauce

kale, garlic, mushroom and ricotta salad

mushroom quinoa risotto

Easter by the bay Greek mezes 
Pear Sauce

maple roasted sweet potato  arugula salad