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entertaining by the bay

casual cooking and living

Spring is around the corner!  Look for places in your home to add green – it could be a plant in your bedroom or a glass cylinder with moss covered balls.

Always use natural salt in cooking and stop using table salt filled with chemically produced sodium chloride. My favorite natural salt is fine grey sea salt..

Out of buttermilk ? A perfect replacement is one cup of milk and 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice or white vinegar and let sit a few minutes.

The small strainer is as essential tool -  perfect for quickly squeezing lemons into food minus the pits, dusting confectioner’s sugar over baked goods,  or putting food into or out of  boiling water.

Keep a small crock or container filled with the kitchen tools you use the most – mine includes, a whisk, wooden spoons , a small strainer, microplane and tongs.

Always have lemons on hand, they can brighten your kitchen and flavor to almost any dish

For easy roasting clean up use a scanpan

For best results baking always use butter and eggs at room temperature

Freeze your fresh ginger and grate as needed, it will stay fresh for months in the freezer!

Never throw out parmesan rinds, store in the freezer and add to your stock or sauce for another layer of flavor. 

A microplane is a great tool for grating cheese, nutmeg, garlic , ginger  or citrus zest.  I like to keep two sizes handy.

Buy Deli containers with matching lids and never worry about properly storing leftovers again, and because they are stackable they are easy to store.